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April 28, 2023

Aurora CEO speaks with Edmonton Global at the Canadian H2 Convention


Dr. Andrew Gillis, Co-founder and CEO of Aurora Hydrogen, engaged in a compelling conversation with Chris McLeod from Edmonton Global, shining a spotlight on Aurora’s ground-breaking hydrogen production technology. Dr. Gillis revealed that Aurora Hydrogen, unlike most in the field of methane pyrolysis, creates a unique carbon product with many potential industrial uses. This novel product holds vast and varied use cases in industries like steel production, synthetic graphite, and carbon sequestration.

Dr. Gillis further explained that Aurora’s production process boasts exceptionally low energy consumption, allowing hydrogen to be produced at a competitive cost, even without relying on value from the carbon product. He went on to suggest that any potential value obtained from the carbon was 'icing on the cake'. 

Currently, Aurora Hydrogen is in the midst of its technology development. Aurora Hydrogens' first increment of scale is to produce approximately 200 kilograms of hydrogen per day – which is enough to fuel 10 buses continuously. Dr. Gillis explained that the novelty of Aurora’s technology is in the combination of existing industrial equipment, making it inherently scalable to the largest industrial operations. After successful demonstration of the technology at 200kg-H2/day, Aurora plans to rapidly scale single-unit production capacity.