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May 29, 2023

What can we expect from clean hydrogen in Canada?

CBC News

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) recently published an article discussing the opportunities and challenges associated with the production and use of hydrogen in Canada. Aurora's Dr. Andrew Gillis contributed some thoughts to the conversation, and described how Aurora's technology has the potential to solve many of the current challenges in the Canadian hydrogen value chain. For example, Aurora's technology produces hydrogen without generating any CO2 emissions, dramatically reducing the overall carbon intensity of current industrial hydrogen production. Further, Aurora's technology uses existing natural gas and electricity infrastructure to produce hydrogen at the point of demand which eliminates the cost and complexity associated with hydrogen transportation. 

These same challenges are present in many other regions around the world. We expect that Aurora's technology will unlock the value of hydrogen as a clean fuel, driving down carbon emissions and promoting energy equity by providing a low-carbon, low-cost source of hydrogen around the world. Click here to read the full article.