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The Future of Clean Hydrogen

Efficient. Proven. On Site.
Aurora Hydrogen is producing the world’s first high-efficiency clean hydrogen. Our process uses existing energy infrastructure and proven technology, so you can move quickly to produce low-carbon hydrogen fuel on site, at industrial scale.
Why Aurora
Distributed clean hydrogen you can trust for the long run
Decarbonized fuel
Hard to abate sectors need low-carbon hydrogen production to cut emissions. Our approach is designed to meet industrial demands.
Lowest cost
In contrast to electrolysis and steam reforming with carbon capture, we produce the lowest-cost clean hydrogen at any scale.
Proven technology
Our process is novel, but our technology is not. The components we use have been tested, sold off-the-shelf and shipped at scale.
Mitigated risk
No precious metals. No water. No new pipelines or storage infrastructure. No transport. No transmission constraints. And way less electricity.
How We Do It
High-efficiency hydrogen production at point of use
Aurora plants run on natural gas and electricity alone. We produce low-carbon hydrogen by heating natural gas directly with efficient microwave energy. Our method uses 80% less electricity than electrolysis, keeping your operating expenses at an industry leading low.
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Who We Serve
A long-term partner for hard to decarbonize sectors
Our hydrogen fuel production can scale to meet industrial hydrogen demands in a variety of carbon-intensive sectors.
Long Distance Trucking
Long-distance trucking
Off-road vehicles
Rail Transport
Rail transport
Steel Manufacturing
Steel manufacturing
Chemical Production
Chemical production
Long Duration Energy Storage
Long-duration energy storage
Investors & Development Partners
From energy supermajors to top universities