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At Aurora Hydrogen, we’re striving to produce the lowest-cost clean hydrogen in the world. We believe the intersection of science and technology has the power to solve energy’s toughest challenges. At that intersection, we can help companies lower their energy costs and emissions at the same time.

Pioneering decarbonization with deep expertise
As a team of world-leading experts in methane pyrolysis, microwave technology, industrial hardware and more, we’re breaking new ground on high-efficiency, low-carbon hydrogen production.
Our Story
When scientific collaboration meets commercial innovation

Aurora Hydrogen grew from the partnership of two leading experts in their fields.

Dr. Murray Thomson, a professor at the University of Toronto and Aurora’s Chief Science Officer, is a leading combustion expert and has been working with methane pyrolysis for several decades. Knowing microwaves are a very efficient heating method, Dr. Thompson wondered whether it was possible to use them to produce hydrogen with less energy and no CO2 emissions. To answer this question, he contacted Dr. Erin Bobicki.

Dr. Erin Bobicki, an associate professor at the University of Alberta, adjunct professor at the University of Toronto and Aurora’s Chief Technology Officer, is a leading expert on the application of microwave energy to industrial processes. When Dr. Thomson posed the question of applying microwave energy to methane pyrolysis, Dr. Bobicki added fundamental insights around the microwave response of the reactive elements.

Combining Dr. Thomson’s and Dr. Bobicki’s unique domain expertise led to the development of a novel, energy efficient, emission-free hydrogen production technology. To grow the technology to its full potential, Drs. Thomson and Bobicki asked Andrew Gillis to join the team. Andrew has over a decade of experience in the development and commercialization of industrial hardware and previously worked with Dr. Bobicki on the successful development and commercialization of microwave technology for the mining industry. With Andrew on board, the three partners founded Aurora Hydrogen and began their journey to low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen production.

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