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September 12, 2023

Aurora Hydrogen highlights Alberta's opportunities for hydrogen production

Invest Alberta Featured

We want to express our gratitude to Invest Alberta for acknowledging Aurora Hydrogen as a leading Alberta start-up in the development of clean, low-cost hydrogen technology.

Alberta, Canada, home of the Invest Alberta Corporation, is dedicated to promoting investment in Alberta's thriving economy. Through close collaboration with global investors to establish or expand their ventures within the province, Invest Alberta provides crucial support by connecting investors with industry and government partners. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free investment experience in Alberta.

In the interview, Dr. Erin Bobicki, Chief Technology Officer at Aurora Hydrogen, Dr. Andrew Gillis, Chief Executive Officer at Aurora Hydrogen, and Christopher Smith, Managing Director at Energy Innovation Capital, sit down to discuss the excitement of being among Alberta's "early wave of investors" in Aurora Hydrogen. They discuss the capital market and investment opportunities available not only for those in Alberta but also for those outside the province seeking investment in innovative companies. 

Mr. Smith highlights one of the key factors driving their investment in Aurora Hydrogen and the Alberta ecosystem— the availability of non-diluted funding to complement their private investments. Dr. Gillis explains that with the grant funding received, Aurora has successfully doubled their equity raise.

Dr. Bobicki touches on the benefits of launching a startup in Alberta, with unwavering community support as a primary advantage. Dr. Gillis adds that being in the energy sector was also beneficial, as the transition of capital from traditional energy assets to new energy assets/pathways is a significant advantage.

So, why choose Alberta as the location to establish a startup? Dr. Bobicki explains that Alberta boasts not only the highest concentration of engineers per capita in Canada but Alberta also provides a skilled workforce and excellent institutions that attract talent from around the world. This constant influx of new engineers and technologists contributes to the vibrant community.

From the growing ecosystem to robust government support, along with a wealth of industrial knowledge and expertise, Dr. Gillis identifies Alberta as a prime destination for investing in remarkable technology companies that could benefit from substantial capital support.