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April 19, 2024

Breaking barriers: Make way for turquoise hydrogen


Andrew Gillis recently sat down with Energy Intelligence to discuss Aurora Hydrogen's method for producing low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen through methane pyrolysis. Aurora’s strategic approach aims to ensure hydrogen affordability and scalability and to create a new pathway for decarbonization. 

Gillis explains how Aurora’s technology overcomes traditional transportation infrastructure challenges, making hydrogen cost-effective from the beginning. What distinguishes Aurora Hydrogen is the use of microwaves. This unique method enables the deployment of modular production units on site, eliminating the need for long-haul transportation and associated infrastructure. By capitalizing on low input costs, efficient processes, and localized production, Aurora’s aim is to make hydrogen production highly affordable.  

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Energy Intelligence also took a broader look at hydrogen produced using methane pyrolysis —sometimes called turquoise hydrogen — highlighting Aurora Hydrogen as a key player. Hydrogen from methane pyrolysis is gaining ground globally due to its potential for bridging the gap between current energy systems and the need for more sustainable alternatives.  

Gillis points out that, as Aurora continues to commercialize its technology, it’s seen strong support from various sectors, including energy supermajors like Chevron and Shell, venture capital firms like Energy Innovation Partners and the Canadian federal government.  

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