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February 9, 2023

Aurora Presents at the 2023 Hydrogen Summit


Aurora's CEO, Andrew Gillis, and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Murray Thomson, were at the 2023 Hydrogen Summit in Edmonton, Alberta earlier this week. The day included presentations, panel discussions, and breakout sessions by industry leaders, associations, and government representatives. Everyone expressed their excitement and enthusiasm for hydrogen as a clean energy source to drive widespread decarbonization.

Presenting at 2023 Hydrogen Summit

Andrew had the opportunity to take the stage and give the audience an overview of Aurora's technology while updating them on current scale-up progress. He explained the significance of Aurora's low-cost, distributed hydrogen production model to drive the adoption of hydrogen in new markets and use cases like mobility, home and industrial heating, and power generation. 

It was an amazing day, and we think the event's MC, Hunter Cardinal, summed it up perfectly in his closing remarks:

“If there’s one thing we want to leave you with today, it’s excitement about what the future holds. Not just because of the opportunity here—although that’s worth being excited about—but because of the passion, energy, and innovation this community is bringing to creating a cleaner, better future for this province, this country, and the world."