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July 31, 2023

Aurora exhibits at Edmonton's

K-Days Innovation Hub

Aurora Edmonton K-Day Innovation Hub

Edmonton's Klondike Days, better known as "K-Days," began over 130 years ago. Held by the Edmonton Agricultural Society, the exhibition started as a celebration of technology and innovation. Festival goers travelled from all over northern Alberta to experience the latest advancements in agriculture, industry, and science. Today, the exhibition has evolved into an annual 10-day celebration held in Edmonton, Alberta. From music and rides to shopping and food, K-days has it all. It attracts over 700,000 festivalgoers per year. 

Immerse yourself in Indigenous history and culture through captivating educational experiences, live performers, and interactions with skilled artisans. Whether you’re enjoying a live concert or being mesmerized by the firework display, K-days is a summer celebration with something for everyone. 

This year, K-days marked the exciting beginning of a “reimagine” phase, during which the festival is undergoing a remarkable transition. Embracing change, organizers unveiled a fresh new logo and were keen on engaging the community. Their vision involved integrating local artists and vendors into the event line-up, promising an enriched experience for everyone involved. 

In celebration of innovation and technology, K-days introduced their “Explorium” which housed the Innovation Zone. In this zone, makers, innovators, and technology leaders showcased new and emerging innovations while demonstrating how they are changing the world. Aurora Hydrogen, honoured to be a part of this new and exciting experience, engaged visitors with interactive experiments and activities to explain Aurora’s ground-breaking technology. 

Members of the community had the opportunity to craft “Methane mallows”, where they constructed 3D methane molecules out of marshmallows. They were tested on their knowledge of the electromagnetic spectrum, where they were asked to fill in the blanks and match various radiation types, waves lengths and their “real life” sizes. Participants learned about static electricity and how to pick up positively charged objects using a negatively charged balloon. But the fun didn’t stop there! Aurora had an array of electrical circuit challenges to solve, practice, and experiment with.

Lastly, participants had the opportunity to explore “Bean Pyrolysis” - Auroras live demonstration of methane pyrolysis (you guessed it, using beans). They challenged themselves or other participants in splitting the most hydrogen beans from the carbon beans in a race against time. As festival goers immersed themselves in the world of physics and chemistry, the atmosphere was filled with excitement, making K-days Innovation Hub an unforgettable and educational experience for children and adults alike. 

Aurora Edmonton K-Day Innovation Hub Team