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June 30, 2023

Aurora presents at IMPI's 2023 Microwave Power Symposium

Aurora IMPI 2023

Aurora Hydrogen was honoured to be part of 121 attendees from 16 different countries who gathered in Denver, Colorado, from June 26th-30th for the 57th Annual Microwave Power Symposium, most commonly referred to as IMPI 57. The Annual Microwave Power Symposium is a conference dedicated to the field of microwave and radio frequency (RF) power technologies. The conference brings together researchers, engineers, academics, and industry professionals from across the globe to share recent discoveries, innovations, and advancements in microwave and RF technologies. The symposium serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration. It also provides industry professionals with the opportunity to stay up to date on the latest trends, developments, and innovations within this dynamic field.

 The 3-day event consisted of 47 presentations, 8 invited papers, 2 pre-symposium short courses, and two spotlight panels covering a range of microwave and RF power technologies topics from Dielectric Material Processing to Solid State/RF Applications. 

The event was hosted at The Curtis Hotel in downtown Denver, Colorado, and saw an average of 100+ attendees per day. This platform allowed companies, students, and industry professionals to display their innovations, contributions, and expertise.

Special recognition is extended to Fawaz Khan of Aurora Hydrogen who led the team's presentation during the Exhibitors' showcase. Fawaz also participated in the student poster and oral presentation session, where he delivered a compelling presentation on the production of CO₂-free hydrogen through microwave-driven methane pyrolysis, describing how microwave energy can be used to directly heat carbon particles in a fluidized bed reactor environment for the production of hydrogen. 

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